Pure red cattle with a minimum 25% modern Hereford and remainder % Red Brahman. Stabilised to ensure consistency and predictability.

Our desire to develop these genetics arose from the Industry’s appetite for a British based outcross without sacrificing hardiness. Therefore a program was undertaken to breed straight red cattle with an infusion of our modern Herefords, and select Red Brahmans.

The modern Hereford content adds many desirable attributes including fertility, ability to finish, desirable carcass characteristics and improved MSA market suitability. These attributes are now beneficial as feedlots have moved to short fed programs and the premiums for grass fed cattle grows.

Calliope Cattle Co has been using all of Jarrah genetics range in our breeding program. We use the Redford bulls to maintain enough content in our herd without losing the fertility and doing ability of the Hereford.

Will Wilson - Calliope Cattle Co, Calliope

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Jarrah Redford | Jarrah Genetics

Jarrah Redfords

About the Breed

  • Pure red colour
  • Content: minimum 25% Hereford, remainder percentage Red Brahman
  • Stabilised to ensure consistency and predictability
  • Developed by Jarrah Genetics to provide British based outcross to the Northern Australia
  • Not a closed breed: continually bringing in new genetics by breeding Hereford x Brahman F1 females. Using high performing Hereford and Brahman genetics to ensure genepool is broadening and improving.


  • British component adds fertility, desirable carcass characteristics and MSA market suitability.
  • Doing ability- progeny carry natural fat coverage.
  • Higher content animal that provides important genetic boost as an outcross without sacrificing hardiness.
  • Extra length, structural correctness, modern carcass, good bone, milking ability and temperament.
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