The development of the ‘Redfords’ was born out of recognition of what Sam's Grandfather Cyril Becker had bred in the 1950’s. He crossed King Ranch Santa Gertrudis bulls over Hereford cows. The resultant broken-faced/ red cattle were magnificent.

However in the mid 1960’s he dispersed this Santa-Cross herd to Jack and Elaine Swan. The rest is history. The Swans developed the famous ‘Swan Droughtmaster’s’ from a base herd of Cyril Becker’s.

With our desire to breed straight red cattle with an infusion of our modern Herefords, a program was undertaken to identify suitable, modern Brahmans. We believe that the Hereford content adds many desirable attributes including ability to finish, extra length, fleshiness, fertility and tidy sheaths.

Tartrus Redmont was an immediate success. The F1 (Brahman/Hereford cross) was a broken-faced/Red colour reminiscent of the type of cattle Cyril Becker had bred 50 years ago. The F2 (Brahman/F1 cross) produced pure red. This was the first ‘Redford’.

Another bull, a son of Lancefield ‘Illustrious’, namely Lancefield ‘Injune’, has produced some of our best Redfords. It is a continual search to secure suitable Brahmans to fit into our Redford program. Leading Brahman studs, Rathlyn, Lancefield and Tartrus have provided us with many ideal bloodlines.

Whilst the program now involves Redfords breeding with Redfords, it is not our intention to ever stop breeding the F1 cross to upgrade. This allows new genetics to be introduced from both the Hereford and the Brahman breeds, thus ensuring a broader genetic base.

Jarrah Redford | Jarrah Genetics
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