A modern take on Herefords with superior suvivability, that have been designed to handle the tougher Central, Northern and Western Queensland conditions, whilst still focusing on carcass, fleshing, temperament and fertility. These attributes as well as sleek red coats for heat/ tick resistance and mobility is the reason Jarrah Hereford’s perform better in harder conditions.

Jarrah bulls are marketed to purebred programs, as well as crossbreeding programs that require performance in both grass-fed markets and short fed feedlots.

Jarrah modern Hereford and crossbred progeny are renowned performance cattle with superior beef and feed conversion. The heat resistance British component assists breeders to obtain premiums with grading’s in such programs as MSA and new grass fed markets.

Over the past fifteen years, the Jarrah modern Hereford genetics have proved an excellent investment in our crossbreeding program, ensuring the continued success of our beef production business.

Billy & Louise Dunne - ‘Tarcoola’ Mackenzie River, QLD

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Jarrah Hereford | Jarrah Genetics

Jarrah Herefords

About the Breed

  • Highly efficient cattle bred to be environmentally suitable for Queensland
  • Focus on carcass, doing ability, mobility, temperament and fertility
  • Widely accepted that British component provides many befits with carcass quality
  • Emphasis is placed on udders, milking ability and overall structural correctness to ensure commercial functionality
  • These attributes, along with sleek coats result in greater tick resistance and are the reasons Jarrah Herefords perform better in northern conditions


Jarrah produces bulls that are commercially focused. As a result 85% of Jarrah Herefords are used over Bos Indicus based herds.

  • Environmentally adapted - Jarrah bulls are born and bred in CQ tick country, ensuring they are acclimatised to the conditions
  • Carcass – extreme carcass to maximise weight gains on top of hybrid vigour
  • Hereford Cross progeny hit the FLATBACK market in one cross
  • British infused progeny provides market options, premium domestic feedlot prices and the ability to hit the lucrative MSA market with carcass quality
  • Genetic selection for sleek coats - the bulls are able to run with Bos Indicus herds and require no special treatment
  • Progeny will thrive in all conditions and are a low maintenance animal
  • Bulls backed with generations of high performing EBVs
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