Our family have been breeding Herefords for over 150 years.

The Jarrah herd was founded in 1978 with the purchase of the top cow and heifer at the Kengoon 95% Reduction Sale. The following year at the Final Dispersal Sale the top female was also acquired. These proven “Woodlands” bloodlines laid the foundation.

Other top quality females were acquired from the Rose Stud (dispersal), Hobartville (dispersal), Yarram Park and Invernaion (Woodlands bloodlines). During these formative years, the focus was on breeding on with the ‘Woodlands’ bloodlines. This was assisted with the purchase of a share of Torsdale Guinness (Son of Woodlands Shah).

From this early stage, our policy was to breed big, long, fleshy, functional and fertile cattle. Our other aim was to breed short-coated cattle to handle the conditions for Central and Northern Queensland. The pursuit of breeding for these traits in our cattle has never wavered.

In 1990 and 1991 a significant investment was made in brand new genetics from Injemira. Upon inspection of the Watsons family herd it was immediately obvious that these cattle would be most suitable for Central Queensland. Injemira had imported some 3,000 embryos from the USA. This importation and procurement of these embryos was carried out under the masterful eyes of Ian Watson. We were fortunate to have secured the rights to first choice selection of 3 of the 5 drops of the progeny.

Overall, 150 females were purchased. Since the acquisition of these females 20 years ago a strict breeding program identifying the bloodlines most suitable to our conditions has continued. The ongoing selection of leading Sire genetics from Injemira has provided an ever greater enhancement of these bloodlines.

Over the past few years Sam Becker has carried out his own ET program with the flushing of our top Donor cows. This has been important in utilising new genetics.

The Hereford herd now comprises 350 females and forms the core of our families breeding program which has resulted in the development of other derivative breeds.

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