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Jarrah Park and Glenarchy | Jarrah Genetics


“Jarrah Park” and “Glenarchy”

The weaner, backgrounding and bull breeding depot for the aggregation. These two adjoining properties are located 5km South of Banana in the heart of the Dawson Valley. Being a mixture of improved pastures and dry land cropping, these properties are well set up to grow young cattle out for joining, for intensive backgrounding practices, and for the preparation of our sale bulls.

Burnside | Jarrah Genetics



“Burnside” is located north-west of Theodore on the Dawson River. It is the home to our Jarrah Red and Redford breeding herds. “Burnside” is well set up with accessible paddocks, laneway systems and a new centrally located set of cattle yards. This allows us to undertake more intensive management activities from weighing and scanning for EBVs, to capturing date of births and running AI programs.

Sarlou | Jarrah Genetics



Located 20km North of Banana, “Sarlou” is where the Hereford breeders reside. It is set up with smaller centrally located paddocks as well as with some larger paddocks peripherally. This allows for times of more intensive management during periods of calving (date of births) and joining (single sire mating’s), but also for grazing rotations to take place throughout the remainder of the year.

Burradoo | Jarrah Genetics



Located in the Baralaba district, “Burradoo” is the home of Jarrah Cattle Company’s commercial breeders. Comprised of a mixture of softwood scrub and forest country, with open dams and extensive laneway systems, “Burradoo” is well set up to be a low maintenance hub for our breeding females.

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