Jarrah Genetics Helmsman Bull Sale

We very pleased with the results. A huge thank you to all who attended, purchased and were under bidders.

2018 Sale Results:

Bull Sale Results

27/27 Polled Hereford bulls sold for an average of $6,333. Top priced bull was lot 13 who sold for $12,000 to Tarcoola Cattle Co. Pictured with top price bull is Lawson and Billy Dunne, 'Tarcoola'.

27/33 Jarrah Red Bulls sold for an average of $4,500. Top priced bull was lot 47 - Jarrah Red 471 who sold to Catriona and Kevin Pearce, 'Bannockburn'.

A big thank you to all the team at Hourn and Bishop QLD who conducted the sale.

The Helmsman System

We are excited to announce that our 2018 Jarrah Genetics Bull Sale will be via a Helmsman auction. The Helmsman System provides all buyers the opportunity to purchase their first choice of bulls in a low stress environment. Previously we had bulls penned with a set price, available for purchase on a first-in first served basis. Although this was a relaxed environment, some buyers were missing out on their first choices without having the opportunity to attempt to purchase the bull, The Helmsman System ensures fairness to all.

It is very simple and effective both for buyers and sellers. The Helmsmen sale will also be interfaced with AuctionsPlus, allowing you to use that avenue to bid. If you aren’t registered with AuctionsPlus and would like to bid through them, one of their market operators will be available on the day to assist you.


The Helmsman System provides a stress-free environment whilst combining the best features of an auction and sale by private treaty.

There is more time to consider what bids you would like to place on the bulls.

All bulls are available to purchase simultaneously, giving you the opportunity to reassess each lot during the sale and allowing you to take home the bull you want, irrespective of the lot number. For example, if your first preference exceeds your maximum limit then you are able to move to your second choice bull, even if it is catalogued as an earlier lot number.

If you require more than one bull The Helmsman System provides flexibility and time to average your purchase prices.


On arrival, intending purchasers register. Step by step instructions will be provided. Our team and agents will be on hand to assist at any time during the process.

All bulls will be on display, penned up and ready for inspection from 9am.

At 11am the sale commences. At this time all bulls are on the market simultaneously. You may bid on any bull regardless of the lot number via AustionsPlus or by handing in a bid sheet.

You may open the bidding at the reserve price indicated and further bids of $500 will be accepted. After a period of time bids will be dropped to $250 increments until the conclusion of the sale.

Bids are recorded with the buyer’s number and the current price on a large screen adjacent to the bull pens. You can bid on any number of bulls at once.

There is no pressure to commit yourself to another bid. If your first choice bull goes over your limit you are still able to bid on any other bull in the sale.

Once a bid has been submitted and recorded it cannot be retracted, and the person responsible for submitting the bid will be accountable for it until it is overbid.

The sale will be open for a minimum of 1 hour from 11am. At a certain point a 2 minute countdown will begin, a bid registered in the 2 minutes will result in a 2 minute extension of selling time which will keep all lots open.

Further bids trigger the same process until a full 2 minutes of no m ore bids are received, which will signify the end of the sale.

For more details contact us today!

or call Sam Becker 0417 576 667

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