Jarrah Genetics

Jarrah selects the bull breeding females based on four main qualities.

  • Sleek coats
  • Fertility
  • Structural correctness
  • Doing

About Us

We focus on producing genetics with carcass that have real commercial success. Traits such as temperament, structural correctness, udder shape, doing ability and fertility are selected for. Our genetics are backed with generations of calving ease and fertility. Each herd has a short joining period and a strict cull of the pregtested empties is adhered to.

Jarrah is a vertically integrated beef program. We cover everything from seed stock production to the end product. By following through to the end product commercial reality is ensured.

At Jarrah we stand behind our genetics and run a commercial breeding operation utilising our own genetics and background cattle. Part of the backgrounding operation is offering a buy back scheme to our clients. We prefer to source weaners with our genetics. This adds further traceability and allows a floor to be put in the market for our clients’ selling programmes.

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