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Committed to providing commercially focused genetics to the Australian Beef Industry.

Jarrah Cattle Company is a family-owned and hands-on operated cattle breeding business committed to providing the most relevant, efficient and market orientated genetics to the Australian Beef Industry. Our bull breeding program is a result of this policy and focusing on the superior genetics with proven records to enhance performance and predictability.

Jarrah Genetics Bull Sale 2024

Monday 2nd September 2024
On-property ‘Glenarchy’ Banana QLD

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Jarrah Herefords

Polled and Dehorned a Modern take on Herefords with superior survivability, that have been designed to handle the tougher Central, Northern and Western Queensland conditions, whilst still focusing on carcass, fleshing, temperament and fertility.

About Jarrah Herefords

Jarrah Hereford Sires

Jarrah Redfords

Pure Red cattle with a minimum 25% modern Hereford and remainder % Red Brahman and pure red in colour - with the British influence providing softness, fertility and doing ability.

About Jarrah Redfords

Jarrah Redford Sires

Jarrah Reds

‘The clean-coated flatbacks’ -a blend between our Redford Genetics and Santa Gertrudis females resulting in an animal that is 44% - 47% British content, with the remainder percentage Red Brahman. Designed to be a type of animal that is soft enough to supply local feedlot markets, whilst being hardy enough to meet live export specifications.

About Jarrah Reds

Jarrah Red Sires

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